Tuesday, April 07, 2020
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Disclaimer and advisory

CAREIF.com has exposed you to several of our product, programmes and opportunities. This is a further reminder that this is a private site and all information is proprietary to CAREIF.com.  CAREIF’s sole activities are real estate related.
For those of you who wish to proceed further into the inner sanctum of CAREIF.com for greater details or merely to participate in our programmes and or purchase real estate products or those of its affiliate sites, it will now require you to pay to do so. This is to ensure that you and the world at large, know that you have made a conscious decision to enter to view and or participate in CAREIF’s activities and areas which are designed to accommodate person who understand that all material, products and information to which you will be exposed once you have decided and made the necessary payment, are confidential, proprietary and will result in legal actions against any party who breached directly or through a third party any of the aforementioned items and or information.
This is also to give you an opportunity; to stop and pause, in order to reflect on what you have already seen or read and then to verify where necessary any information given before proceeding further into this private realm.
You are now being made aware that this is not a solicitation for you to become a participant in any of our activities, developments, membership or Joint Venture opportunities that are available from time to time; or other, upon entering the inner sanctum of CAREIF.com. You are being advised to verify with your local and international regulatory bodies that to enter this area of our website does not in any way breach any regulatory regime in place to govern real estate or any real estate related activities in your area do domicile. It is your responsibility and your responsibility only to do your due diligence in regards to our products and services and whether you are permitted by your governments to participate. We are nondiscriminatory and therefore will be guided by the fact that you have done your checks by becoming paying participant. You by so doing are also indicating as well as confirming that it is not illegal for you to enter this agreement with CAREIF.com, as well as you are acknowledging that CAREIF.com and its affiliates have not solicited your participation in any way or made any promises to you which are not here represented or stated for you to enter this agreement.
There are certain mandatory requirements which must be met before you may participate in any of the real estate opportunities being presented or offered or if you seek to become an associate; agent or employee of CAREIF.com, which may require and include criminal background checks. Your credit rating is not a requirement in any of our activities except where CAREIF.com or its associates may be required to stand as guarantors or become a funding partner for that particular individual. You are not however required to provide any such check or information merely to visit our site or the inner sanctum of these sites.
You must be aware that fees are absolutely non-refundable. It is therefore important to note that if there is a matter of affordability and the expenditure for the required fee will be a contributor to financial hardships current and or future, you should refrain from entering this agreement of purchase. In simple terms if you cannot afford to, don’t. CAREIF.com firmly believes it is the responsibility of anyone entering this site to take full responsibility for their actions regardless of whether it has to do with investing in real estate developed by CAREIF.com or its affiliates, purchasing a product or merely surfing this site. CAREIF.com or its affiliates will not be held responsible for the decisions, favourable or unfavourable made by those who may after purchase declare or make a private or public statement of a lack of understanding of the aforementioned.
You must agree to the aforementioned before being allowed to make a purchase.


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