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Persons who buy CAREIF and CAREIF RIC’s Products must do so under the guidance of their legal area of residence. CAREIF RIC’s LTD and its affiliates including its online arms are involved in the business of real estate investment and development. We offer a wide array of products and services related to our core business to persons legally permitted to do so, purchase, utilize, participate in the legal jurisdiction in which they live and are domiciled.  CAREIF RIC’s operates internationally with a strong online presence where all our business transactions are electronically done to accommodate the savvy forward thinking individuals wishing to partner with CAREIF RIC’s on its various projects and or in the acquisition of our products and services.  Wherever our products are deemed not legally acceptable to that particular jurisdiction, CAREIF RIC’s will not deliberately offer its products for sale to that or those markets; but cannot be held liable for residents of those areas who wish to acquire; choose to buy and have in deed bought  CAREIF’s RIC’s products from another jurisdiction, online, person , individual or corporation. CAREIF RIC’s LTD will not be held liable if persons decide to buy in another location out side the immediate area of discussion or their legal domicile.  CAREIF RIC’s LTD urges all prospective partners, funding agents and lenders to first verify your eligibility to participate in our products and service by checking with your local regulatory authorities to clarify if you are legally permitted to do so.

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Construction Trustee Programme

Contruction Trustee ProgrammeWe monitor and review construction jobs between home owners and contractors making sure that the contract is complete as contracted allowing contractor payment.

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Credit Repairs and Counseling Programme

Credit Repairs programmeThis service offers you a fast and efficient repair /rebuilding of your credit rating with any company or institution local and international through a licensed official.

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Franchise Ownership Programme

Franchise Ownership ProgrammeThis is where members can own a franchise of our Real Estate Club (RIC).


Home Ownership

Home OwnershipThis benefit will see the member owning his or her own home in our developments through first refusal. We will stand as guarantors for our members to access a mortgage to buy their own home (condition applies).

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Home Selling Consulting Programme

Home Selling Consulting programmeWhether you are selling for sale by owner as a FSBO or hiring a listing agent, the home selling process is identical.It may vary slightly from state to state in the US but since California tends to set the standard for much of the country,this format will...

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Home Ownership Consulting Programme

Home Ownership Consulting programmeThe Complete Home Buying Process Every state requires slightly different steps to buying a home, although they are basically very similar. Since I am most familiar with the way California does it, here is the path to home ownership in California, broken

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Market Place

Market PlaceAdvertise through our window to the World. CAREIF RIC’s Market Place is a new and exciting way for all members to earn extra income by entering the local and global markets where they can sell from a pin to an anchor.

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Private Placement/Joint Venture Equity in Development Programme

Private PlacementThe Joint Venture Equity Department at the Caribbean Real Estate Investment Fund (CAREIF LTD.) is designed to offer persons a unique opportunity to become part owners or Joint Venture equity partners in developments done by the company.

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Real Estate Trustee

Real Estate TrusteeWe will act as trustees for your young ones, beneficiaries or yourself to ensure that your assigned assets are dispersed or managed according to your wishes.




Contractor Listing Service Programme

Contractor Listing We list contractors on our website once they pass our quality control specifications.


Portfolio Developement

 Portfolio Development


Professional Listing Service

Professional ListingThrough a Realtor our members can access Professional Listing Service.




Property Listings Service Programme

Property ListingsMembers with properties can list on our website.


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Property Management Programme

Property management

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