Tuesday, April 07, 2020
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The CAREIF Challenge

 Its always easy to say , “It’s too GOOD TO BE TRUE!” but do you know that most people who take comfort in that saying, never move beyond earning a pay cheque?  Now that you know this fact, are you going to just sit there and don’t take advantage of the CAREIF CHALLENGE?  For less money than a weekend for two at a North Coast all-inclusive hotel, in Jamaica, CAREIF can get you into a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, 1,000 sq feet home within three years

We’ll Put The Keys To Your Home In Your Hand!
So are you up for the CAREIF CHALLENGE or will you continue to take chances with your future?  This offer is available to RIC Members and applies to CAREIF’s developments across Jamaica (will implement similar programmes anywhere else in the World baseD on Members' demand).    
MUST become a Gold or Platinum Member of CAREIF RIC. Payment plans available. Conditions apply.  
RIC in an effort to contribute to providing quality housing solutions has embarked on promoting the CAREIF CHALLENGE to our members.  CAREIF’S CHALLENGE is all about providing housing solutions for young professionals and the soon to be retirees. Therefore, the CAREIF CHALLENGE is most suited for members who are looking for a first time home or those who are looking to downsize  from a larger home to one more manageable or efficient. And so, the CAREIF CHALLENGE is offerING through CAREIF’s Real Estate Consumer Club to its Members in the group of 144k with Gold or Platinum Membership.
  1. CAREIF will provide 1,000 sq ft 2 bedroom  2 bathroom homes in its MASTER PLANNED developments in Jamaica in three years to members who take the CAREIF CHALLENGE.
  2.  Under the CAREIF CHALLENGE RIC Members are guaranteed the home with no deposit down in three years. The cost of the home to members is discounted to $6.7 million Jamaican dollars. 
  3. In three years the value of a home this size and located in a master planned community will more than likely have appreciated significantly. This is equity that the member can always access for other business.
  1. Must become a RIC Member.
  2. Must be a Members in the group of 144k with Gold or Platinum Membership.
  3. Members MUST satisfy CAREIF's requirements to be qualified if CAREIF LTD will be holding or offering a Note in exchange for a mortgage from the members. 
  4. Members with Jamaica National Housing Trust (NHT) benefits can utilize these benefits  to reduce their principal balance or join with other NHT CONTRIBUTORS to further pay down or pay off the cost of the home. 
  5. Members must be qualified for funding (if necessary) and be able to make mortgage payments at the three year hand over period for the homes.
  6. If the mortgage is funded from another institution, other than CAREIF,  then the member will not need to be qualified under CAREIF. 
  7. Where CAREIF holds the note and is given a mortgage from the buyer then CAREIF will give the loan at  maximum 40 years at an interest rate of 9.75% fixed for the life of the loan.
  8.  Mortgages are assignable. Mortgages can only be assigned to qualified members of RIC.
  9. There will be no pre-payment penalty.
  10. There will be no special processing or other creative financing charges when it comes to paying down or paying off of the loan.
  11.  RIC as a Real Estate Consumer Club offers our members benefits, and  discounted services. Rebates are given to our members that can be used to reduce the loan amounts for the homes.  
Non-members can benefit from the CAREIF CHALLENGE as well by giving this information to as many family members, friends and associates as possible and get those friends to sign up with CAREIF’s Real Estate Investment Club – RIC.      
CAREIF your housing solutions people.Real Estate your way, the only way

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